” No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other worth ” Robert Southey.

Alumni are an institution’s brand ambassadors carrying their core values of excellence lifelong learning of inclusiveness and diversity all around the globe. The College is alma mater of a phenomenally large pool of talented and eminent personalities who have not just excelled themselves in diverse professions but reached the pinnacle of success. Writers, intellectuals, business entrepreneurs, social leaders – people from practically every walk of life can be found in the RKSD. The ethos and character of the institution is well expressed into their professional and social lifestyle. They provide sustainability to the institution both by sharing their innovative skills and experiences to their Alma Mater and by extra mural funding which are so necessary for the growth and development of any institution.
Since its inception in 1954, the college has an active alumni association that tries to establish and enforce the placental cord between the alumni and the College. It promotes and fosters mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of the College and between the Alumni themselves. We seek to further forge our relationship with our alumni with the view to translate latent possibilities into effective and actual benefits for the individuals, society and nation.

Mission and Objective of the Alumni Relations Programme.

* To ignite the young minds with lofty ideals and inspire them to achieve excellence.
* To facilitate individual growth of students, with accent on character building, through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
* To encourage the students to take-up research and help them reach global
* To provide a congenial atmosphere to study and learn, with infrastructural facilities of highest order.
* To instil in the minds of the students, the sense of Nationalism and to train them in social awareness.

We wish that you all come forward with a befitting contribution and remain a part of this great institution.


Please fill out your alumni connection form to keep us in the loop on what you’re doing, and let us know how we can stay in touch with you! We would like to see you back on campus, active in local and regional events.

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