Common Rooms

There are separate common rooms for boys and girls with adequate furniture and basic amenities. These common rooms are also equipped with LCD TV and recreation facilities with a capacity of 200 students each.


To give a proper space for the female students to relax, to study and to have informal discussions, the campus has established a common room with a  capacity of 50 girl students with attached bathroom and dressing room. Sufficient and comfortable furniture is provided to the students to relax during free periods. The common room has the facility of water cooler, newspapers and magazines also. One attendant is always there to help the students. Canteen facility can also be availed there by the students on demand. Sanitary napkin vending machine is the additional special feature of the common room which is very useful for the girls. Female students appreciate this facility a great deal. Some indoor games are arranged on demand by conveners of common room from time to time for the recreational activities of the students.