Sports Facilities

Sports play a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality and maintain good health. We have specially designed environment that matches international standard and gives global experience to our students. There are multiple sports facilities to keep students engaged and physically fit.

Outdoor sports facilities: – There is a large stadium of 120 m* 68 m area size which is used to play a variety of games for which the college has the following facilities:

  • Athletic track: Two athletic tracks (Sinder and Graffy) of 200 m are available in the stadium.
  • Cricket: Practice pitches, practice nets and cricket kits in sufficient number.
  • Football: A standard football ground.
  • Volleyball: Volleyball court with full equipments is situated in the outdoor stadium of college.

Besides this, a number of other games such as KhoKho, Kabaddi, Handball, Netball and Korfball etc.  are played in the stadium.

Indoor sports facilities: College has an indoor stadium-cum-sports complex having all modern facilities. It provides required space and facilities for a number of indoor games.

  • Basketball: Two basketball courts out of which one is in outdoor stadium and one is in indoor stadium . Approximate 50 basketballs are available.
  • Badminton: An indoor badminton court with full equipment. Approximate 4 dozen rackets, shuttles etc. to practice and play this game.
  • Shooting Range: Shooting is played in indoor stadium of college. For accuracy, precision and speed in shooting, college has 2 pistel, 2 rifel, 2 rifel stand, 2 rifel kit, 1 cylinder of 200 bar, 1 cylinder of 300 bar, 6 manual line, 5 pistel dummy.
  • Boxing:  Two boxing ring, 50 pair of gloves, headguards, teeth guards, arm bandages, wearing kits etc.
  • Wrestling: Wrestling mats, costumes and electronic weighing machines in sufficient number.
  • Judo: Judo mats, costumes and electronic weighing machines in sufficient number.
  • Taekwando: Taekwando mats, costumes and electronic weighing machines in sufficient number.
  • Wushu: Wushu mats, costumes and electronic weighing machines in sufficient number.


Swimming Pool : College has a semi-olympic swimming pool of 13M*25m area size. Swimming costumes, life-saving jackets and other facilities make swimming comfortable and enjoyable. A special trainer is appointed by the college for different sessions.

Multipurpose Gym: Located in the indoor stadium of the college. Variety of equipment like chest press, long pully, flat bench, leg machines, dumbles, sport running machine etc. is available for students/faculty use.