President’s Message


Sh. Saket Mangal, Advocate

Governing Body

President’s Message

It is certainly very heartening to witness that the college has carved a name for itself in the academic scenario of the region. Since its inception in 1954, the college has been serving the society with its clear vision, mission objectives and commitment to impart quality education. Located in the heart of city, the college is equipped with every facility which an institution must have for the all-round development of its students.

We have a dedicated faculty led by dynamic Principal Dr. S.K. Goyal to help students realize their dreams and shape their lives. Even in the tough times of COVID-19 pandemic, our aim has been to remain quality conscious, effective and responsive to the rapidly changing environment. Our non-teaching and support staff also endeavours to provide hassle free, safe and easy administrative service and support to students.

We are committed to provide state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. A new building has been constructed to accommodate the ever-increasing number of students. As a part of our ethical responsibility towards environment, Solar Power Plant of 120 KVA has been installed to reduce our carbon footprints.

The library has been refurbished with internal ambiance upgraded for long duration usage in reading hall. It is fully air conditioned with enhanced services to the user. To cater to the information needs of the users, it has been upgraded in resources and technology to assist different stakeholders in research, teaching and reading. There is a top priority plan to construct a student’s home with a cafeteria, so that the students have comfortable space for quality refreshment, informal discussions and community life within the campus.

Dear students, the college life is a unique period which we fondly remember throughout our life. So make maximum use of this time for planning your career, having fun and developing long lasting friendships. We look forward to your success in life and further association with the institution as proud alumni and successful citizens. Wishing you a bright future ahead.

With best wishes
Saket Mangal, Advocate
President, Rashtriya Vidaya Samiti &
R.K.S.D. College Governing Body