About the Library

The college has a rich library catering to the needs and interests of students and faculty. The library contains 50882 books pertaining to the course curriculum as well as general interest areas. It subscribes to various international and national periodicals, journals, magazines, newspapers, e-journals and database. It has also moved with the times, and is now computerized and air – conditioned. Major renovations as centralized A.C., open shelf system and well designed reading room provide a calm ambience to library. Reprography and internet facilities are provided to users. The modern infrastructure and diversity of its resources carry an imprint of the decades old tradition of constant support extended by the alumni. 


Working Hours of the Library

• Stack & Circulation 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
• Reading Hall 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM
• During Examination days: 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM
• Library does not function on Government Holidays.

Rules and Regulations of the Library

• Entry is permitted with ID card only.
• Perfect silence should be observed in the library.
• Members are requested to leave their bags at the property counter at the entrance of the library.
• On leaving the library, all users are requested to extend their cooperation for the inspection of all books and items taken from the library.
• Take your bags with you when you exit the library.
• Do not bring food, drinks (except water in a clear bottle).
• Electronics devices are permitted only for study purpose without disturbance. (see Cyber rules of library)
• Clean up after yourself: push chairs in, return books used, leave no mess.
• Ensure safety and maintenance of the library interiors.
• Ensure safety and maintenance of the library interiors.

Cyber Rules of the Library

• Electronic devices in library to be used only for online educational resources.
• Not to install or uninstall any program or service in any computer.
• Printing is not allowed within the library and if necessary, contact the librarian.
• Use of digital library systems for online shopping, chatting are strictly restricted.
• Violation of these rules will call for punitive action against the erring student.

Services offered by the Library

• Book and Magazine lending
• 3 Air-conditioned Reading Hall (400 Seating Capacity)
• E-resources (Through Institutional Repository, NLIST, NDL ePGpathshala etc.)
• OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
• Newspapers
• Book Bank
• Timely reference Service in person and on-line
• Instant assistance in searching resources by library staff
• Material support for Research Programs
• Individual and group orientations
• Reprography
• Service to the Students with Disabilities

Library Membership & Loan privileges

Students, Teachers, and Staff of the Institute are admitted as members of the library. The number of books
that may be borrowed by each category of members and the period of loan is as under:

Type of User Loan Quota Loan Period
UG Student 2 Books
2 Books
14 days
Full Semester (Under Book Bank Facility)
PG Student 2 Books
4 Books
14 days
Full Semester (Under Book Bank Facility)
Teaching Staff 20 One Month
Non-teaching Staff 5 One Month

• Due dates are extended once for a period of two weeks.
• 2 additional books are issued to the meritorious students.
• Members are allowed to reserve the books which are not on the shelf and are notified
upon availability.

Borrowing Procedures
• Student ID card must be produced when borrowing books. It is not transferable.
• A maximum of two books may be borrowed at one time.
• No library materials shall be removed from the Library until they have been properly recorded at the Circulation Counter and checked at Exit Point.
• A borrower shall, before leaving the Library, ensure that all books issued to him/her on loan are complete and undamaged.

• Books on loan, except those reserved by others, may be renewed for another 2 weeks by returning them to the library for stamping.

• Members should be return library books on or before the due date, failing which an overdue charge of Rs. 2.00 per day shall be levied.
• Members shall have to replace the latest edition books (s) lost by them or will have to pay double of the price of the books in addition to the fine, if any.
• Damaging and defacing of books is highly objectionable and may lead to cancellation of membership privileges and replacement of damaged book by a new one.

Non-circulation material
• Periodicals, reference books and newspaper are available for use in the library. They may be borrowed at the Librarian’s discretion.

Acquisition of Material
• Books, print periodicals and e-resources are purchased on the basis of requisitions received from the Departments and approved by Principal.

Budgeting Policy and Procedures
• The library budget is established by the Management as a part of the regular budget process.
• Each department is allotted a considerable amount for purchase of subject centric books.
• The book, periodicals, subscription of E-resources, AMC etc. are included in the budget.

Bill Processing
• Once the books are received in the library along with the bills, the price of each book and the discount rates are verified by the concerned staff responsible for entry in the accession register.
• Then the bills are processed for payment with the accession numbers entered against each item then the bills are submitted in the accounts department after Principal’s approval for payment.

Procedure of Conducting Library Stock Verification
• Stock verification in the Central Library is carried out annually involving the Library Committee Members and library staff.
• Report of missing books is submitted to the competent authority with recommendation of the library committee.
• Missing books are searched in the subsequent one year. Further, Books which are not found after due research, are allowed to be withdrawn by Principal.

Weeding Policy
• Library materials such as Books, Journals, Magazines and CDs/DVDs are being weeded once in five years based on the criteria viz. space limitations, low or no usage, badly deteriorated or damaged and materials in obsolete formats.
• The Librarian in agreement with the library committee shall make the final decisions regarding the disposition of materials withdrawn from the collection.