About the Library

The college has a rich library catering to the needs and interests of students and faculty. The library contains 49579 books pertaining to the course curriculum as well as general interest areas. It subscribes to various international and national periodicals, journals, magazines, newspapers, e-journals and database. It has also moved with the times, and is now computerized and air – conditioned. Major renovations as centralized A.C., open shelf system and well designed reading room in the session 2019-20 provide a calm ambience to library. In order to track the over time missing books, re placements, withdrawals an inventory is maintained in the library. Reprography and internet facilities are provided to users. The modern infrastructure and diversity of its resources carry an imprint of the decades old tradition of constant support extended by the alumni. 

New books and periodicals are added regularly. To further strengthen the library system, library committee plays an active role. A glance at the features of library would be useful to know its true worth.

Library Staff
Name Designation Qualifications
Dr. Naresh Kumar Librarian M.Lib., Ph.D.
Ms. Deepika Assistant Librarian M.Lib.
Mr. Ajmer Nain Assistant Librarian M.Lib.
Library Committee

Dr. Geeta Goyal (Convener)

Dr. Rajbir Prashar

Prof. Shri Om

Dr. Shilpi Aggarwal

Prof. Vishal Anand

Dr. Sanjay Garg

Dr. Naresh Kumar (Librarian)

Mrs. Deepika Garg (Assistant Librarian)

Library working hours:-9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Library Statistics

Text books :


Reference books :


Total books :


Magazines :


Periodicals (Print Journals) :


Newspapers :

15 Title, No. of copies =33

E- Journals and E-Books:

Subscribed through NLIST Programme of INFLIBNET

Centralized AC:


Seating Capacity :


Computerized :


Classification of books :

YES (DDC 20th Ed.)

Library Recourses

Library Advisory Committee:

Digital Library

E-Resources for student

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E-Content by College

Library Sections:


Library Rules and Regulation :


Library Registration for e-Resources :

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Library Rules
  1. A student can be issued maximum of 2 books at a time for a period of 14 days. Besides this, 2 and 4 more books can be issued to UG and PG students respectively for full semester.
  2. Members should be return library books on or before the due date, failing which an overdue charge of Rs. 2.00 per day shall be levied.
  3. Members shall have to replace the latest edition books (s) lost by them or will have to pay double of the price of the books in addition to the fine, if any.
  4. Damaging and defacing of books is highly objectionable and may lead to cancellation of membership privileges and replacement of damaged book by a new one.
  5. Student’s belongings. i.e. bag, lunch box etc. are not allowed to be taken inside the library.
  6. Maintain silence in the library
  7. Ensure safety and maintenance of the library interiors.


    • Electronic Resource Management package for ejournals: INFLIBNET (N-LIST) Programme provides access to 4137 e-journals through 21 edatabases. 


  • Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases: Being a registered member of INFLIBNET /N-LIST Programme, students and teachers search articles from EBSCO-Host database that provides access to articles via federated searching. 
  • A separate link for library is created on college Website:
  • In-house/remote access to e-publications: Inhouse access to e-publications is provided (by surfing on INTERNET) on network of ten computers in Library. Available e-publications can be saved on CDs and on hard disks.
  • Library automation: Library is using Library Automation Software for issue and return of books. 
  •  Total number of computers for public access: Ten
  •  Total numbers of printers for public access: One


  • Internet band width/speed: 8 Mbps and 2 Internet broadband connections are available through lease line connectivity. 


  • Gyananjali (college Magaznies)-Click here to view
  • Newspaper coverage of college news of seminars, workshops and other functions conducted by the institution is maintained and available in the library.
  • Photocopies of articles for various competitions such as essay writing competitions, declamations etc. are maintained.
  • College prospectus and college magazines are available in the library.
  • CDs of Audio Video Lectures and PPTs are available


• Content management system for e-learning has been developed by the Computer department.
• Video/audio library has been developed by the each teaching department in which Educational CDs and CDs prepared by the college faculty are kept.


Manuscripts: Vedic literature which includes Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita and collections of Gandhian thoughts manuscripts etc. are present.

Reference: Reference Books pertaining to different subjects and general reference books are available.

Reprography: Photocopier and scanner are available.

Information deployment and notification: Notices regarding library services such as circulation policy, no dues, refund of security and new arrivals are displayed on Notice Board from time to time.

Download: E-resources from open databases and subscribed databases are allowed to be downloaded from internet. Internet is available on a network of four computers.

Reading list/ Bibliography compilation: Reading list of new arrivals is available in the Reference section. Subject Bibliographies are also compiled as and when needed.

In-house/remote access to e-resources: Inhouse/ remote access to resources is available through password provided by INFLIBNET/NLIST programme.

Assistance in searching Books/Journals: The library staff is always available for any need based assistance in the use of library services.


Library staff provides required support to students and teaching staff in finding reading material from books, journals, magazines and periodicals as well as from e-books and e-journals. To enrich the faculty and students with its latest acquisitions, cover pages of new additions are displayed on the Display Board. Latest information regarding syllabus is available in hard copy as well as in soft copy.

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